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Marcia & Michael Engagement Portrait Session

This beautiful couple was filled with joy at their anticipated union. I'm happy to prepare this framed print and know the others captured you love close up. Congratulations.

Autism Awareness 5K gets hundreds participants (170,000 photo views)

The 3rd Annual Autism Awareness 5K/10K had more folks participating than ever before. More than 300 community members donated money to run and show their support for autism awareness. Coca Cola donated hundreds of bottles of Dasani water and Power Aid. Chick-fil-A's produce supplier donated boxes of bananas and apples. Just about every off duty Chick-fil-A employee, and their families donated their time. Camden DJ donated their services. Air Force active duty recruiters from Brunswick and their delayed entry recruits set up and broke down. Marine Force Security Battalion from Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay set up, broke down and helped at the post run event at the restaurant. Camden Middle School staff and students hosted and helped throughout the entire event, including clean up. Treen Media photography donated photography support. This was only a small part of those who helped. All proceeds went to the Special Education Department of Camden County Schools. 

March 19, 2015

Local play hits it big (306,000 photo views)

CCHS Fine Arts Academy is a big deal in Camden County. Their facility set the bar high and their theatre staff answers the call. Each play seems to up the ante with sound, lights, and set design. This is great because the students are truly talented performers. The Spring play, Shrek the Musical was their crown jewel for the year.

January 21, 2015

Don't get a #photofail for your wedding.

Martin Luther King Day

January 19, 2015 

Remember on MLK Day

December 24, 2014

Family Portraits

Date Night Ideas

February 2, 2014

Thanks to Grace Darnell of Right Stuff Photography.

Photographers have a style

Jan 23, 2014

What’s your style?

How do you find your photographer’s style? Why does it matter?

Photographers have style when they plan a shoot.

When we make decisions about locations it has a lot to do with the types of places we feel comfortable to technically capture accurate exposures. It has to do with where we feel comfortable with our gear. So if you want to go somewhere daring, if you want to go somewhere that might have difficult light, make sure you express that to your photographer way up front. Ask your potential photographer to send you an example of someone captured wonderfully in this setting?

Photographer’s have a style during capture

Since photographers are artists they always carry something into the shoot about what they want to communicate. In the world I like to see the sweet, innocent and beautiful people that were wonderfully made. I’d have a hard time capturing something different. Find out these incompatibilities well ahead of time.

Photographers have a style when they edit

Some photographers like certain looks. It could be something popular now, it could be recreating a look from long ago. Find out what they are going for while they edit. Capture decides lines and composition. It’s editing that the creative look of a picture takes place. Look at their past work and talk to your photographer about what you want.

Photographers have a style of how they interact

Are you coming to make a friend or have a service provided for you. Be up front about what you want, give them honest feedback during the process and the service they provide will be improved.

The difference a pro makes for Senior Portraits

November 11th, 2013

Great time at the CCHS football game

September 27, 2013